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Welcome to ServiMoving

At ServiMoving we want all our clients to feel satisfied with the work we do. There is a reason people love us: We have brought the joy back to move-in day (zero stress). ServiMoving, the only company of movings you can trust. We move with the heart ❤️

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Which are our services?

We know that each client requires specific services, therefore, we evaluate each case individually and offer a plan and a budget adjusted to their needs

Why to choose ServiMoving?


We have a large fleet of trucks of different cubic meters (5m3, 10m3 and 20m3) perfectly adapted for the moving and with the necessary disinfection protocols.
Yes, they have the relevant adaptations to protect your most precious belongings, so they arrive safely at their destination. We protect them with all kinds of packaging.
If this event occurs, ServiMoving is responsible for providing an immediate solution. We have excellent insurance of movings which insures the goods part and the civil responsibility part.
All our workers are insured and have the necessary documentation to perform this type of services. They have the following requirements: work experience in movings, Compulsory Secondary Education, criminal record, and psychological evaluation. In addition, we have our own centre for the continuous training of the staff. We have the best employees in Barcelona

Our satisfied clients

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