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Moving insurance

Dear customer,

We would like to inform you about the insurance options available for your local move with ServiMoving.

First of all, we include a general insurance in the price of your move, according to our LCTTM policy (Freight Transport Contract Law), Art. 361. This insurance covers any damage suffered by your move during the land transport, in case of total or partial loss, such as overturning, fire or accident of the truck. In addition, it covers damages and damages that may occur during loading and unloading with an excess of EUR 150 and a maximum limit of EUR 5,000. However, this insurance does not cover manipulations during the service or the cases described in the exclusions of both policies (see below).

In addition, we offer the option of taking out a personalized insurance for your local move. This exclusive insurance covers objects individually and for the maximum amount declared in the list provided by you. The insurance has a premium of 1% of the total insured value, with a minimum premium of 20 EUR (2.000 € insured). To take out this insurance, we need you to complete and sign the template which you can download and send it to at least 48 hours prior to the start of packing your move. The coverage of this insurance is limited to the province of Barcelona and has no excess.

Please note that in order to file a claim for damage or incident, you will need to provide the invoice for the moving service, the estimate for repair/replacement of the damaged item or the purchase receipt, a letter or written claim within 48 hours after the day of delivery, as well as photographs of the damage. In some cases, our insurance company may require other documentation necessary for the appraisal and indemnification of the claim.

However, there are some exclusions in both policies. Electronic appliances (televisions, computers, washing machine, refrigerator, Thermomix…) are difficult to justify to the insurance in case of maladjustment, unless they show an apparent damage by blow or fall. If you wish to insure electronic appliances, you must indicate the year of purchase and present the purchase invoice if they are two years old or less at the time the claim is made. Goods and furnishings that you have packed, packed and/or handled yourself are not covered under any circumstances. Works of art and antiques have prices to be agreed with our insurance company. Breakage of glass, marble and/or wood showing cracks, pitting or signs of aging before our personnel proceed to dismantle and protect the object. In addition, breakage of natural plants and damage to furniture that occurs with the client’s authorization, even if our staff has warned of the possibility of damage, will not be covered by our policy.

We hope this information is of interest to you and remain at your disposal for any additional questions you may have.

Yours sincerely,


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