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General conditions


Article 1 – Scope

The moving service will be carried out in accordance with the general conditions contained in this document and the specific conditions, contained in a separate document, that determine the rights and obligations of the parties that sign it.

Article 2 – Data to be provided by the Client

The move will be carried out in accordance with the data provided by the Client with sufficient time to allow the normal organization of the work to be carried out and obtain the necessary permits. These data are the following:

Nature, number and importance of the objects to be loaded.
Designation of loading and unloading places, as well as the conditions of access to the premises / homes for staff and vehicles (parking lots, corridors, stairs and other work in progress in the respective premises / homes).
Declaration of objects whose transport is subject to special regulation (alcohols, weapons, works of art, etc.). Any administrative formalities will be at the Client’s expense, and the company is not obliged to verify the regularity of the documents supplied.

Article 3 – Declaration of value

In the event of possible liability of the company for damages, losses or breakdowns, produced in the goods that are the subject of this contract, the corresponding compensation will be determined based on the value declared by the Client of such goods in a form that the company will make available to them.

In the absence of this declaration, the company’s liability will be limited to the amount of 650 euros per cubic meter.

Article 4 – Cancellation of the contract.

The cancellation of the contract or postponement of the service at the request of the Client or for the convenience of the company will give rise to compensation in favor of the injured party. This compensation is set at 20% of the amount of the move if the opposing party is notified less than five days.


Article 5

The moving service is defined as the collection, transportation and delivery of furniture and belongings that are entrusted to the company.

The contracted services will conform to the category of service agreed with the Client.

The placement of the furniture will be carried out only once following the client’s instructions or using a plan provided by the client.


Additional movements or delays not attributable to the moving company will be the responsibility of the Client, who will pay the expenses incurred.

The moving service does not include the transport of corrosive acids, flammable or explosive materials nor, unless otherwise agreed, the transport of metallic money, jewelry, precious stones, bearer values, silver objects, works of art, antique or collectible objects, etc. .

The moving service does not include, unless otherwise agreed, the transportation and handling of safes, pianos, player pianos and objects of large volume and weight.

Clocks, porcelain, tableware, crystals, etc. They will be packed at the request of the Client, by the company’s employees, not being responsible for those packed by the Client or other people. The company’s packaging and containers will bear the company’s seal or logo.


Article 6

For the purposes of this contract, it is considered that to load and/or unload the vehicles, they can be located at the door of both homes or at a maximum distance of no more than 25 meters on foot, but if for any circumstance (narrowness of the street or avenue, limited and prohibited parking, works on the street, scaffolding, etc.) the aforementioned placement of the vehicle would not be achieved and this would imply an increase in labor or the use of additional means of transportation (vans or even lighter items), the expenses incurred by these complementary services would be borne by the Client.

Article 7

The company has the power to entrust, under its responsibility, the service in whole or in part to another company under a collaboration regime between carriers, in accordance with the law, as well as the choice of the itinerary.


Article 8

The price agreed in the contract cannot be modified, except in unforeseen circumstances independent of the will of the company. Its amount will be set before the service after a quote accepted by the Client.

Article 9

The company may require payment in full for the service before its start. Any outstanding amount must be paid at the time of arrival at the unloading address, this does not imply the consent of the Client, who may set out the appropriate reservations in the document intended for this purpose. “QA”.


Article 10 – Compensation for damages

In case of liability of the company for damages, losses or breakdowns caused to the goods

ments of this contract, the corresponding compensation will be determined based on the value declared by the Client in the form that the company made available to them at the time of signing. In the absence of this declaration, the company’s liability will be limited to the amount of 650 euros/m3.

The verification of damage must be made in the presence of the company’s employees at the time of delivery of the furniture and effects, when these show external signs of damage.

Otherwise, the Client must make the claim within 24 hours following receipt of the goods (article 366 of the Commercial Code).

Article 11 – Exclusions

The carrier will not be liable for damages, delays or losses that occur due to force majeure or unforeseen events, such as fire, lightning, floods, etc.; due to political or social causes such as sabotage, strikes, riots, military forces or measures, even in times of peace, wars, etc.; deterioration of furniture raised or lowered from balconies or difficult stairs, caused by the narrowness of doors or hallways.

The carrier will not be responsible if, due to these difficult accesses, the furniture or any other element cannot be entered into the new home either from the inside or outside of the property with the moving company’s own means. In the event that the delivery service could be carried out using external means such as telescopic cranes or others, a separate additional quote would be issued.

Nor will it be responsible for furniture that, prior to service, is glued or restored; damage caused by spills of liquids, substances or acids contained in containers, spontaneous combustion, influence of temperature, fermentation, etc.; broken colored marble, windows and frameless mirrors; those due to nature or vice of things or any other similar cause; disconnect pipes, electrical and electronic devices, lamps, wall lights, air conditioners, etc. (These operations must have already been carried out at the time of starting the service; in any case, the new placement or connection of these, plugs, plugs, etc., are also excluded).


The operation of appliances or electrical devices that do not present external damage attributable to the move is outside the company’s responsibility.

In the event of breakage in glassware, tableware and other pieces that make up a set, only the broken pieces will be replaced or compensated, at the company’s option. Any damage and breakdown that arises and is covered by the Company’s warranty will be repaired, restored and/or compensated at the Company’s discretion, as long as they exist in the national market.

The company will not be responsible for deterioration or damage caused by customs inspections.

Article 12 – Other expenses.

Municipal taxes, local taxes, Customs duties, certificates of origin or transfers of residence, consular expenses, transhipments, triptychs, opening of containers, customs inspections, etc., are not included in the price of the service, unless otherwise stipulated.

Article 13

Delays that may occur in the service due to causes beyond the control of the company will not give rise to claims by the Client, and the Client will not be able to provide a deadline other than for information purposes.

Article 14

For everything related to the fulfillment and execution of this contract, the parties expressly submit to the courts and tribunals of Barcelona, waiving their own jurisdiction.

The company expressly expresses to the Client, before the service relationship or contracted activity begins, his will against submitting to the arbitration of the Transport Arbitration Boards, even when the controversy does not exceed 6,000 euros.

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