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Materials of moving

We have all kinds of packaging materials to ensure that all belongings are perfectly protected. The quality of our material allows us to avoid damages and incidents. ServiMoving makes available to its clients all the necessary material for their removal.

Book box

Measurements: 405x305x345mm. Ideal box for storing books, DVDs, files, etc. In general, to move heavy belongings.

Medium box

Measurements: 557x371x400mm. Ideal box for storing things of medium size and medium weight.

Big box

Measurements: 505x460x460mm. This box is used to transport quilts, shoes, bed sheets, tablecloths, etc. In general, light belongings.

Wardrobe box

Measurements: 500x500x1000mm. This box is used to transport in hangers the clothing of your wardrobes. The aim of the box is to avoid putting the clothes messed in a box.

Manila paper

Special paper to pack fragile belongings like dishes, crystals, or ceramic. This prevents them from being scratched or damaged.

Bubble paper

Material made of plastic with bubbles of air which protect furniture or home appliances. No matter how delicate they are.

Kraft paper

It has two sides, one the same as bubble wrap and the other a delicate and resistant paper that prevents it from adhering by heat. Ideal for mirrors, oil paintings, lacquered furniture, delicate furniture, long stays in furniture storage, etc.


Flexible, strong, and resistant. Appropriate to close the boxes with total security and to ensure the packaging of your belongings.

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